When Your Child Should See a Pediatric Dermatologist?

May 27th, 2017

The primary function of a pediatric dermatologist is to diagnose a disease and to prescribe a treatment for skin, hair or nails. Besides, this expert might take part in diagnostics of some diseases that affect skin condition. A pediatric dermatologist prescribes the necessary screening procedures and helps to determine the causes of rashes.

In addition, a pediatric dermatologist is engaged in a prevention of various skin diseases. This expert might help you to choose a health-safe shampoo and skin care products for your child and consult on sun protection and sunburn treatment.

When Your Child Should See a Pediatric Dermatologist?

Here are some most common signals that show that you need to take your child to a pediatric dermatologist:

  • the emergence of suspicious moles, rashes, papillomas, boils or pustules;
  • severe itching;
  • changes of skin color;
  • the appearance of blemishes;
  • changes in color and rashes on mucous membrane;
  • any suspicious changes in scalp condition;
  • changes in the odor of sweat, a distinct smell from feet, changes in color, shape or structure of the nails;
  • cracks in the skin, manifestations of eczema, psoriasis or vascular afflictions.

If you notice anything from described above, you need to see a doctor right away. Trying to get self-medicated might worsen the situation or make an accurate diagnostics more difficult.

Skin rashes are very common in children. And in almost every case they require professional attention. Skin diseases might have external manifestations in the form of rashes, redness and peel along with fever and malaise. Skin issues could be caused not only by external factors. They may be an indicator of allergy, hereditary abnormalities, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and malfunction of the immune system.

Parents should remember that skin issues could be caused by a wide range of different illnesses:

  • congenital diseases;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • systemic diseases;
  • virus diseases;
  • infection diseases.

Preventive examination by pediatric dermatologist

Like any other person that lives in the area with high insolation levels, your child needs to visit a dermatologist to undergo complex annual screening for skin cancer and other skin diseases. Some experts recommend seeing a pediatric dermatologist twice a year to catch possible diseases early (as you know, children has far more sensitive skin than adults). In case your child has any diseases that tend to become chronical (like eczema), you should visit a dermatologist as it was prescribed by the doctor in your child’s particular case.

Visit a pediatric dermatologist in Celebration

We welcome you to visit our office for urgent or preventive skin health examination. Parents of our small patients usually characterize our work in this way: attentiveness, compassion and high level of expertise. You’ll always get detailed advice and accurate diagnosis along with optimal treatment plan that ensures your child’s skin health and overall wellness.

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